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The County Waste and Recycling News section is here to provide you with useful information about recycling and proper waste disposal.  We will also keep you up-to-date on our community involvement.

Winter Service Tips for Business Customers

At County Waste & Recycling in Montgomery, we strive to provide our customers with the best service possible, however, rain, snow and wind can impact our ability to safely serve you.  When we experience bad weather, please be patient with us.

Trash collection is a very dangerous industry and we ask for your help to make everyone’s day a bit safer:  your staff, your customers, the public, and County Waste’s drivers.

To receive the best possible service during poor weather, please help us by following a few safety guidelines:


  • Our trucks need space! Make sure your road/parking lot is plowed and heavily sanded.
  • Make sure your garbage and recycling containers are shoveled out the night before your collection day and not blocked in by any parked vehicles.
Unless there are restrictions or agreements in regards to time, garbage and recycle pickup could vary on your collection day. You may notice that your garbage or recycling is picked up about the same time every week. Please understand that situational changes in weather conditions, crew assignment, and equipment problems can create your pickup to be earlier or later in the day.

  • Please do not block your dumpster area with excess snow. Remove snow away from your dumpster and sand heavily in areas needed for traction. Excess snow will prevent both your employees and ours from accessing the containment area. This includes the gates, inside the enclosure, and the direct path that leads to it. 
  • If your enclosure has doors with pins or rods that insert into the ground, there is a chance they can freeze, preventing us from accessing your dumpster. Placing salt around those pins and rods can help alleviate this from happening.
If your garbage and recycling containers are stuck in snow and ice or not accessible on your collection day and it has not snowed or stormed within 24 hours, we may not be able to provide service. In the event that happens, we can schedule service for a later date.


  • Please bag your garbage and always close the lids.  Open lids allow snow and rain to collect in the container. Exposed wet items freeze to your dumpster in these cold winter temperatures. Un-bagged trash can also lead to waste being left behind after pick-up.

Thank you for considering these tips and ensuring the safety of everyone.

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The Montgomery, NY location of County Waste and Recycling provides residential garbage and recycling services, commercial and industrial waste removal services in Orange County, and up to New Paltz in Ulster County.

If you have questions regarding any of our waste and recycling services contact us online or call County Waste Phone Number:
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